Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It's February 29, 2012. Leap Day has returned.

I love the idea of an "extra" day. It gives me 24 additional hours to work hard at doing nothing.

So, on February 29, I'll start by taking one last look at Black History Month 2012.

Maybe I'll read up on resources, history and information at the NAACP website. For one hundred three years, the nation's largest and oldest civil rights organization has been a leader in the "fight for social justice for all Americans."

Or check out for a cool overview and lots of great links.

Maybe I'll take in a movie and see some of the winners and nominees from this year's Academy Awards for the best of traditional Hollywood, or color outside the lines with a selection from Film Independent's Spirit Awards. (I think best actor winner Jean Dujardin of "The Artist" is charming as hell in any language.)

Maybe I'll pay a little bit of attention to my every-year resolution and work on my health and fitness on this cool winter day in L.A. There are some wonderful, realistic tips at the website of "America's doctor," Doctor Oz. Then I'll do an hour workout with my trainer, Bob Harper - hell, I guess if a man can look this good at nearly fifty, he must be doing something right. (Grab one of his fitness DVDs while they are on sale for just $5 apiece!) And I'll end by playing around with some of the tasty, nutritions recipes at The Biggest Loser site.

Or maybe I'll see what I've missed from TV and film at My latest media addiction, Hulu features tens of thousands of full episodes and clips from just about every popular television show you can think of - perfect if you forgot to set the DVR, or if you want to try the show with all the buzz. You'll find The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, 30 Rock and Celebrity Apprentice, Glee and Castle, sports, news, information, comedy, drama, reality, classic TV series - and on and on. (If you think YouTube is addictive, wait till you try Hulu.) You'll also find those shows on cable that aren't carried by your provider, so take a look.

The idea of Leap Day is simply to help synchronize our calendars to the solar cycles, but I like to use it for trying something new, taking a risk or a leap of faith. I think that's a good philosophy for Leap Day, and every day.

So, go ahead.


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